Haltech CAN Hub HT-159000

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The Haltech CAN Hub is a plug and play product which allows you to expand the functionality of your ECU by allowing the connection of multiple CAN based expansion devices

ECU Suitability:
• Platinum and Elite ECUs.  Requires separate cable with Tyco connector for direct connection to Platinum series ECUs.  HT-130040  


• 4 x CAN Device Connection Ports

Power Requirements:
• None

Physical Dimensions:
• Length: 57mm
• Width: 64mm
• Height: 28mm

• ECU: 90g (0.20 lb)
• Harness: 180g (0.40 lb)

Haltech CAN HUB Kit Inlcudes:
• CAN Hub
• 4 x CAN Hub 300mm White Cables