Haltech Elite REM - Race Expansion Module

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The Haltech Elite Race Expansion Module (REM) is the hardware taking top level drag racers to the next level of consistency on their way to the victory podium.

At the heart of the REM is a dedicated processor controlling Haltech's proprietary torque management algorithm.  This is an "ideal pass" system that allows the user to program a driveshaft acceleration curve for what would be an ideal pass under current conditions.  Throughout the pass, the module and it's dedicated hardware, monitors driveshaft speed versus the programmed curve and makes adjustments to the engine power level to maintain the programmed ramp rate.  The dedicated hardware allows the processor speed and control demanded by the fastest racers in the sport. 

The module is not just a traction control device!  It also features 8 additional injection drivers.  This allows users true 16 channel injection, when combined with the Elite 2500 ECU.  A V8 engine with 2 stages of injection can now trim individual injectors on each of the 16 sequential channels for the ultimate in fuel control.  A 4-cylinder engine would be capable of being setup with 4 independent stages of injection, having sequential control and individual trims for all 16 injectors.  Basically, injector staging and trimming is limited only by the programmers imagination and ability.

It doesn't end there.  The REM also packs 10 additional analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, and 8 digital outputs.  When combined with the Elite 1500 or 2500, you're sure to have everything you need for engine control, power management, and data acquisition at your finger tips.

The Race Expansion Module is an add on feature that requires an Elite 1500 or 2500 as the primary engine controller.  This is not a standalone unit.  Torque Management is primarily intended as a drag racing function and does not take the place of traditional traction control that has been available in the Elite series since it was introduced.  Traditional traction control is better suited to street and road racing applications and does not require the REM to be implemented.  If you have questions regarding what is the correct function for your application, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your individual needs.

The REM is available as an add-on unit for applications with existing Elite 1500 or 2500 ECU.  This option is priced at $2845 and is provided with the REM, an 8ft flying lead harness, and a 100A solid state relay.  The REM is also available combined with an Elite 2500 ECU, an 8ft flying lead harness, and a 160A solid state relay.  This combination is priced at $5082.